Here are my top 5 priority issues I care deeply about:

Classroom Learning and Achievement: Prioritizing academic achievement centered around creating an environment that fosters thriving learning experiences, ensuring students have the necessary tools and support for success, particularly by facilitating conducive classroom environments for educators.

Behavioral Expectations and Classroom Dynamics: Advocating for consistent, progressive discipline to maintain a safe and conducive learning atmosphere, focusing on supporting teachers and providing necessary resources for effective classroom management.

Supporting Educators and Staff: Prioritizing the welfare and support of educators and support professionals by ensuring competitive compensation, professional development opportunities, and resources directed towards the classroom. We need more support staff, not less.

Resource Allocation for Academic Success: Directing resources where they matter most, ensuring that as much support as possible goes directly into the classroom to enhance learning opportunities and support staff needs.

Parent and Community Involvement: Promoting active engagement and collaboration between parents, the community, and the school district, fostering open lines of communication and partnerships to enhance the overall educational experience.

For a further explanation on the issues I care about and my overall thought process if I was to be elected, please visit my “articles” page.
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